The surface is a two-dimensional space where a medium is applied with emotion and energy over time. Through action and interaction, the surface becomes an object of art. The object of art takes on its own identity and speaks to its viewer again and again. I think of painting like a writer who is writing a book. Each painting or series of paintings are chapters and the book is being written over my lifetime.

  In this series of paintings and works on paper, I explore the reemergence of representation and figurative imagery in my abstract work. Themes of race, biracial relationship, immigration and the evolving demographics of many communities are inspiration and subjects of the paintings

Brief Bio

 Gary Giordano was born in New Jersey and raised in Bucks County Pennsylvania. After briefly studying Fine Art at Kutztown University, Giordano opened a studio in Lambertville New Jersey.  For the past seven years Giordano has kept a studio and operated a gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn. Bushwick is the thriving New York City Arts Community. Here Giordano has found much inspiration and influence.