Born in Trenton New Jersey and raised in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania. Gary began drawing and painting at a young age. Surrounded by Artists and friends in this scenic community Gary developed basic skills and a passion for the visual Arts. After studying Fine Art at Kutztown University for two years and then dropping out, Gary began a practice and independent study and self education. After spending many years in the Lambertville, New Hope area known for its Artists, Gary moved his studio and Gallery to Brooklyn New York, specifically Bushwick a hot bed for Artists and the New York Art community.  Gary has a Gallery (Gallery Gary Giordano located at  56 Bogart street.) , and paintings on display in the 55 Building, 55 Meadow street  both in Bushwick Brooklyn. He maintanes a studio in Lambertville New Jersey.


After painting abstraction for nine years I've returned to rendering images. Often I paint figures using a drawing approach which is natural for me. I use my past practice to create compositions and work out ideas using learned techniques. My state of consciousness to the external world and my internal dialog inspire my work. I have an aggressive approach to mark making often I put down hard and dark in my first approach. I also use multiple texture on the surface.