Born in Trenton New Jersey and raised in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania. Gary began drawing and painting at a young age. Surrounded by Artists and friends in this scenic community Gary developed basic skills and a passion for the visual Arts. After studying Fine Art at Kutztown University, Gary began a practice and independent study. Gary has a Gallery (Gallery Gary Giordano located at  56 Bogart street.) , and paintings on display in the 55 Building, 55 Meadow street  both in Bushwick Brooklyn. He maintanes a studio in Lambertville New Jersey.


After painting abstraction for nine years I've returned to rendering images. Often I paint figures using a drawing approach which is natural for me. I use my past practice to create compositions and work out ideas using learned techniques. My state of consciousness to the external world and my internal dialog inspire my work. I have an aggressive approach to mark making often I put down hard and dark in my first approach. I also use multiple texture on the surface.